Thursday, February 26, 2009

on my beginning

Rhubarb, Sage, Thyme, wild Strawberries, Tomatoes, Italian parsley

Its almost spring, 3 weeks.  i'm having to make my final commitments to seed purchases, getting the greenhouse cleaned out, setting up the seed mats for good bottom heat on our still many predictable cold days.

But there it is in my mind:  a garden full, fragrant, delectable - a paradise where no one is hungry - it's right behind my eyes.  looking at it I can smell the warm earth, imagine picking those lovely tender little lettuces, the tiny lavender eggplants, and oh those tomatoes!

After my years learning to grow each and every native plant on nantucket, and struggling to convince people to use them in their landscapes...i'm moving over to countering the apocalyptic pundits and thinking  about beautiful, sexy, colorful, organic locally grown food.

I began last year in converting the area formerly the pot field (no p.o.t. - but nursery containers) into an organic vegetable and flower garden, plus a space for a tent for garden parties

Soil still needs more building, but we had enough to get 3-4 people through last summer, with some freezing and canning in fall - maybe this year some of the veges will make it to the truck on main street

I also will be seeding extra for organic vegetable gardens for clients, and potting up a bunch for a wee bit of re opening of the retail nursery in early season - follow the blog for open days