Thursday, April 23, 2009

Those Fields

Fields of grass - this color mosiac is true to life Nantucket grasses - note the swath design nature has given us.

Asclepias syriaca, common Milkweed
 in Madaquesham Valley - oh the fragrance!

So once  Spring actually gets underway, I start dreaming of the lovely fields we enjoy on our little island.

The ox-eyed daisy is a favorite of mine. not indigenous, can be a problem in sensitive areas where rare native plants need the space. 
 It seems most places I have lived that the wild daisy has been a staple - in college it was our standard bouquet for all events, I use them on our Flower Truck in June before the Shastas come in.

This "drift" of Daisy is a natural distribution - growing between Little Bluestem grass and other native grasses and forbs.

This pattern is a common plant distribution on Nantucket - drifts, waves of a particular plant - and if one is planting a meadow it should be considered.

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