Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh those invasives

Wanting a new low care, drought tolerant plant for a client in a tough location I started looking away from  the first choice of grasses (because of potential invasive qualities if I don't get those seed heads early) into Rhamnus frangula asplenifolia "fine line" - don't have the time to do that much research!! the Buckthorns in general are invasives and not something I wish to be remembered for introducing to Nantucket - but can't find if research has been done on the "fine line" which some nurseries are promoting as non invasive due to low fruit set and non viable seed  - anyone have access to the u conn database?

A regional supplier in "America" suggested Hippophae rhamnoides "Sea buckthorn" (not a Rhamnus)  and it sounded good - and then it sounded too good - turns out it's not on our invasive list yet - but is in the top 5 in Canada - and impressive category along with Phragmites - not company I wish to keep - but a great plant for nutritive fruit - gees, go figure eh?

Do my clients know this much work goes into selecting plants for their landscape?

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