Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Country Garden 1, beginning the pool

In the beginning - to make an omlet you need to break eggs. We were limited as to where a pool could go. This was the only site for it, but it was a slope.
We built a very grand retaining wall, carefully veneered with native stone, and placed the pool in the new space.

Standing further back than the first picture, the pool finished, "hardscape" complete - new stone walls to accomodate slope from former garden areas, the area left center, paved with rough Bluestone is the patio where the Faux Bois table and chairs now sit.

Now standing where the first picture was taken and looking back toward the entry - one year later - it's one of my favorite gardens.
The hedge in background is Rose of Sharon with a climbing white rose interwoven for an earlier bloom, thyme is planted in the patio to soften and bring in a more country feeling.

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