Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Country Garden 2 - Wind, Hills and Grass

Another site opposite the mouth of the harbor - a few years back the harbor froze so solidly that when break up came there were sheets of ice a foot thick sitting on this site.

So yes, I've used many grasses.

The bulk of the garden on this site is behind the structure, sheltering from the extreme winds - mostly a steep hillside that we designed with a traversing terrace-like rock and grass garden to give it movement - previously one rather felt that the hill might slip down and into the house a any given moment - it now invites adventure,

The hillside rock and grass garden, looking back toward the entry.

The Faux Bois small table and chair are contemporary and are seamless with the paving and hillside - a great look.

You can see more of this landscape under the Hedgerows blog.

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