Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Country Garden 1

Country Garden 1

Unfortunately I can only put 4 pictures per blog on here - I will try to take you on a journey of this garden as it has been through so many changes over the years.
Very harsh site - opposite the mouth of the harbor - extreme winter winds, most of the garden is sheltered behind the house, but still very difficult conditions.
It is a Country Garden : informal, lacking stiff edges, linear axis. this is a summer home, my client requested that it provide her with some flowers to cut, season long color, dog space, some kitchen garden elements.
Pictured here is a lovely antique French "Faux Bois" table I was lucky to find, accompanying it are contemporary Faux Bois chairs from my Design Studio. Faux Bois means "false wood" the original work was late 1800 early part of last century, primarily in France. There are some great examples in Central Park, NYC, the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, Ca, I once walked down a staircase built inside a giant hollowed out tree - it took me 10 minutes to realize it was all fake - the lichens had so transformed the tree trunk, ferns sprouting along the walls and steps.

The classic Faux Bois furniture is made with an iron framework, and then covered with concrete - i believe the best furniture for Nantucket - too heavy to steal, doesn't need storing in Winter, functions much the same way as our grey shingles, it is quiet, blends in that the garden will "shine"

I have wonderful resources for Faux Bois, both contemporary and antique, some examples I keep at The Gardens, prices need to be quoted as everything keeps changing - shipping is a major factor with this furniture.

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