Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Garden Doctor/Consultations

There are times you might not want to hire on for a full design of your gardens, but have a problem with your space.

A consultation is a flexible option.  You can ask for advice on any aspect of your garden. It could concern the choice of plants for a border, where to place a patio, nursery visits to select plants, proper planting demonstrations, soil analysis is an important  consideration to many garden problems.  Communicating with your gardener.  Solutions will be discussed on the spot and you can have follow up notes for your future reference.

Charges are by the hour at $85. per hour, including time spent on follow up notes.

Should you decide to go on to a full Design service, the payment  for the consultation can be deducted from your fee for the Design service.

To book a consultation with the Garden Doctor call: 508-228-2093

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