Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Your garden Wedding

There have been so many requests over the last 15 years to rent space in The Gardens for special events - Weddings, Benefits, Birthday parties, engagement parties - now that the nursery and shop are closed, we have the time to accommodate those requests.


The Rose Garden , above, is a lovely area for guests to take their place in the Wedding party.

The alle' is continually shifting -  changing colors with the flowers of the season a lovely setting for the Bride

The "new" garden is where we had
our potted perennials.  It is now an organic vegetable and cut flower
garden  with an area set aside for a tent that can accommodate 125 people.

following will be  more pictures of the
gardens in various seasons - look for them under moods in the garden.

I can only post 4 pictures per blog - so do "stroll" thru the various blogs for a more complete picture.

call for details:
cinda @ 508-228-2093

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